New Barber Shop On Nostrand Avenue


A new barber shop named Arie Express opened in what once was Councilman Michael Nelson’s district office, at 3810-A Nostrand Avenue.

Our take? The most awaited sequel in cinema: You Don’t Mess With The Arie.

Booyah. I went there.

Thanks to Arthur Borko for the photo and tip.

  • guest11229

    SO while u cut your hair u can get your old shoes repaired and also talked into selling your big fat gold chain. all done by Arie. that what i call the multitasking. lol

    • formerBatchelder_btw_U&V

      free haircut with every re-sole

  • Thats a Pretty Fly Sign… LOL i think the proper word i am looking for is HIP.

  • Jal5503

    gimme a break Next week chicken take out

    • formerBatchelder_btw_U&V

      Don’t cook tonight call Chicken Delight

  • tJJ

    Fcking stupid idea

    • not at all, Now a days business cost a lot of money, a barber shop alone won’t be able to survive when charging 10 bucks a cut, and they can’t charge more then that cause people will go to the one’s that charge 10…

      This person is trying out 3 idea’s all at once. cause if one fails, the other will keep it going, Maybe it’s a father son thing…. The son is the barber, the Father is the shoe repair, and the sons GF / Wife is the Jewelry seller…

      Who knows…. i think it’s an idea worth giving a shot.

      • BrooklynBus

        Why shouldn’t he be able to survive charging $10 a cut. My barber’s been charging $13 for years and he is doing just fine. Anyway, I don’t see this as any different than Baskin Robbins- Dunkin’ donuts Combo. Or White Castle -Church’s Chicken. If the big guys can do it, why shouldn’t he be able to do the same? Rent is expensive these days.

        • I agree with what your saying LOL, the idea is Good.

    • How is this any less a valid business then you’re hero Chipp?

      • tJJ

        the place isnt going to making any money from walkin’s. have you ever heard of this barber? he has no customer base. around the neighborhood there are a few shoe repair stores, why give this new guy a shot when other places have already established a reputation? jewelery repair and gold buying??? directly across the street is a jewelery repair store doing the exact same thing for years.

        • The concept of capitalism, this must be alien to you, yes?

  • I have a very strong desire to go in there dressed as Zohan and post it on youtube.

    • tJJ

      if thats what floats your boat…

    • BIG RED

      love the idea, hopefully ill be there to witness is. Arie is amazing/ill never go to another barber again.