Verrazano Bridge Toll To Increase To $13


The MTA Board is expected to pass a slew of proposed bridge and tunnel toll hikes around the city today, including a new $13.00 charge to cash-paying commuters crossing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

For E-ZPass users the Verrazano will raise to $9.60 from $9.14.

The original plan was to raise all tolls on bridges and tunnels 10 percent across the board. But the Staten Island Borough Jackass President proposed that the raises only affect cash customers, slapping them with a 27 to 33 percent increase. That structure would have saved Staten Islanders quite a bit of cash, as the borough has the highest rate of E-ZPass users, representing yet another attempt by Staten Island to shift its financial responsibilities onto the other boroughs.

Regardless, a modified plan won out that increased E-ZPass tolls by some (5 percent), and the cash tolls by more (18 percent).

Locally, the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge will rise to $3 from $2.50 for cash payments, and $1.80 from $1.42 for E-ZPass payments.

If passed, the increases will go into effect on December 30.


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  • snoreasaurusrex

    Is it that someone does not want us to travel? By raising the tolls and fares (okay this story has nothing to do with fares) it keeps people from traveling and makes their movements easier to control? I wonder.

    • levp

      Just don’t go to or even through Staten Island.

      To get to NJ free:

      NJ points South: Brooklyn Bridge – Church Street – Canal Street – Holland Tunnel
      NJ points North: Brooklyn Bridge – FDR Drive – Harlem River Drive – George Washington Bridge

      • Anonymous

        You still have to pay to get back. There’s no free round trip to anything west of the Hudson.

        • Maybe they just don’t want us to come back.

    • Anonymous

      Using EZ=Pass makes it EZ to trace a traveler. So pay the extra and your good to go, except for all the snoopy cameras.

  • Anonymous

    Time to get the fuck out of this city. The tolls, taxes and fees are beyond out of hand.

    • levp

      But to get out you have to pay the toll as well!

    • Rent as well, I’m apartment-hunting and some of the places I’ve been to are asking if I make 10k-30k a month before even applying! If I was making that much, I’d just buy a friggin’ home.

      • Hey, haven’t you heard “Rent is too Damn High”!

        • BMB

          Anyone game for starting the ‘Tolls are Too Damn High’ party?

          • Drjoe818

            im in

    • Gene2


  • Anonymous

    The extra charge is to cover the cost of the new military presence.Now that there is ammo. under that bridge. We will also go through full body scans if you are not just passing through S.I. and plan to vacation in the widely desired area.Wait, does the bridge have bike lanes and port-a-san?I would also like included in my fee widescreen for when I am delayed in traffic.Oh yes, refreshments would help also.Maybe they think it will keep Brooklynites from Jersey Shore. LOL.

  • BrooklynBus

    Will these increases ever end? Remember when the tolls first went from 25 cents to 50 cents (after staying at a quarter for 50 years), the extra money was supposed to provide the MTA a steady stream of revenue to provide for the capital program as well lower the need for future fare increases? We all know how well that worked out.

    Now imagine if congestion pricing were approved, then we would also be complaining how those fees are being increased every two years.

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  • KR

    Think about this:
    The reason for these rate increases and taxes is due to the fact that there are a lot of people that live in the 5 boroughs and work for the government. During the year some get hired (new salary expenses), and others request and get pay increases. Sooooo, since the big guys would never EVER take out money from their own pockets, or receive less of their salary, everyone ends up paying for it.
    The interesting part is this: Lets say you work on fixing the bridges or tunnels. You get a raise, BUT YOU end up paying more for going over a bridge or taking the tunnel. So technically your not getting a raise and you don’t pay more… everything evens out.

  • ah, the rich elite… quickly ridding the city of lower/middle class people. you know what would happen if they tried this in france or greece? guess americans are to fat and stupid to organize and remind the government they work for us, not the other way

    • snoreasaurusrex

      He’s right. This is quickly becoming a city of the very rich and the very poor. Is there even a middle class still?

      • Anonymous

        I agree. It is a lot less paper work (in a zillion ways) to deal with 2 classes.

  • ps… didnt this pass on monday? all tolls went up 18% i thought

  • Georgia

    The nerve 13.00 this bridge payed itself over 100 times since it was built in 65. This city has more gall then the world has gall stones. This bridge should have been free but you know the story they say it’s the interstate bridge and highway. Where the bridges across the east river are not.

    • levp

      Staten Island already is a different state in reality, now they just need to do it on paper…

  • Andy

    how come they only charge $6 cash and $5 CA version of EZpass for the Golden Gate bridge?


    WHAT A PAIR OF BALLS WHERE IS THIS MONEY GOING WHY ARE THEY RAISING IT TO 13$ ???????????????????????????????????????????????????









    • levp



      Littering, sweeping, throwing, or casting any material such as ashes, garbage,
      paper, dust or other refuse or rubbish into or upon any street or public place,
      vacant lot, air shaft, areaway, backyard, court, or alley is illegal.

      Throwing refuse out of windows (i.e., buildings or vehicles) is also a violation.

      §16-118(1) FINE: $100-$450 – 1st Offense
      $250-$450 – 2nd Offense within 12 months
      $350-$450 – 3rd & Subsequent Offenses within 12 months”

      • Anonymous

        Ya mean I can’t get 3 squares if I litter?

        • levp

          No, but you can get a reward if you catch BADNEWS littering:

          “Where information furnished by an individual to the Sanitation Department has resulted in a fine or civil penalty for unlawful dumping, at the discretion of the Sanitation Commissioner, 50% of the amount collected shall be offered as a reward to said individual.”

  • BayRidge

    Someone has to support all those lazy MTA workers. It’s is the best deal – you never get fired, and if you need a raise – everyone else has to pay. If you have to take a toll bridge to get to work – you have no choice.

  • Abc123

    Increase on cash payers? Also need to note that this includes EZ-Pass tag holders that doesn’t have a NY tag.