Puzzle: Where’s Erica?


Erica Sherman was on assignment last week and snapped this photo. Can you guess where she is?

  • ES

    It would be very fair to assume that I had an unfair advantage, except that it took me more than 13 minutes to figure it out. :/

  • Georgia

    This is terrible I can not bring the picture up. Let me know

  • Dr Bob

    That’s Gargiulo’s

  • Ray Johnson

    Can I guess without doing the puzzle? Looks like some famous stained glass, like from Lundy’s, or a church. I’ve never been to Gargiulo’s, up close, so can’t say if that’s it. Now, onto the puzzle.

  • Nyjrs56


  • Anonymous

    Took me almost 6 minutes. I dine there often. I used to dine there more frequently but the food has changed in the last 20 years.
    They do have good service for parties. We used the back room several times for family get-togethers.