Postcard: A Local Gas Station, 1949


I thought this was pretty cool. This 1949 photo was taken on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue T. Today, a BP sits in its footprint, and the neat-o tower is long gone. Anyone know when this was torn down to make way for what stands now?

The seller of this photo had very little to say about its history.


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  • bigmike

    just closed 2 yrs ago as a mobil station

    • Anonymous

      Mike, you’re thinking of the station on the northwest side of Coney and V.

      • bigmike

        i stand corrected

  • BrooklynBus

    Now I really feel old because I remember when gas stations looked like this. Since we didn’t own a car, we never used them except to get air for our bikes.

    • I do too. But we’re just age challenged, that’s all.

  • joe

    If you are into old photos of brookyln check this site out.