Possible Botulism Contamination At Brighton Bazaar


The New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets has issued a Food Safety Alert, warning consumers not to eat “Salted Holland Herring” from Brighton Bazaar as it may be contaminated by Botulism.

Food inspectors discovered that Brighton Beach Bazaar, at 1007 Brighton Beach Avenue, was selling uneviscerated herring.

It is the second such warning for the establishment in less than a year. The agency put a similar alert out in January, after Brighton Bazaar sold uneviscerated “Treknas Atlantic Herring” to consumers.

The viscera are the internal organs of the chest or abdomen. Processed fish that has not had the viscera removed are prohibited by the state because Clostridium botulinum spores are more likely to be concentrated there than any other portion of the fish, and it has been linked to outbreaks of Botulism poisoning.

Symptoms of Botulism include blurred or double vision, general weakness, poor reflexes, difficulty swallowing and respiratory paralysis.

The “Salted Holland Herring” was offered for sale by Brighton Bazaar as a bulk item in the seafood cooler. The product is uncoded and is a product of Russia.


  1. It makes sense to me. The owners gets whacked and is now resting fittingly in the bowls of hell. Its good to see that the rest of the scum at this filth mart are continuing the legacy. P.s….. ITS CALLED SOAP, Brighton beach use it u smelly nasty swine

  2. i personally cant stand brighton bazaar; each time i buy milk there, i find out that even though the expiration date is good, the milk has gone bad (and i was buying the horizon organic shmorganic milk too). i was actually advised not to buy milk or any other products that may go bad from there, since apparently they turn off the electricity at night to cut costs.
    (also, they always yell at me for moving the food in the “salad bar” section around)

  3. How anyone can buy this food. Russian stores usually disregard any lows and sell unlabeled food. I would not be surprised of anything in these stores. Usually Russian stores don’t care about their reputation. They sell some illegally obtained products and hire illegal’s as well.

  4. Except there was nothing that said they were “cited.” This was a Food Safety Alert from the Dept of Agriculture DIRECTLY TO CONSUMERS warning them not to eat this particular product if they had bought it. It can be dangerous. It can result in illness. In effect, it’s a product recall.

    Your suggested headline implies Brighton Bazaar did something wrong. As far as I can tell they didn’t, and I don’t believe they got in trouble for this. If there needs to be blame, I suppose it would be on the shoulders of the supplier, not the retailer.

    I get it. You eat this fish, you eat it whole, and you think nothing is wrong with it. Fine.

    However, the Department of Agriculture disagrees. And being the only English language local news outlet in the area of that establishment, and seeing as how some of my readers likely shop there, I’m going to let them know that scientists believe they may have bought contaminated food. You, and they, can make their own decisions about what to do with that food.

    As for my headline, I’ll keep it. It’s factually correct and does not overstate the issue at all. I’m sorry you disagree, but I think you’ve misread the situation, don’t understand the facts, and are understating the risk.

  5. No, you should’ve titled it “Brighton Bazaar cited for selling uneviscerated herring” and in the article you could’ve implied that the law is designed to prevent botulism. You aren’t the Enquirer dude and I generally highly respect your blog.

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  7. I apologize. I should have titled this:

    “Brighton Bazaar may possibly have a higher chance, though certainly not a certainty, of Botilism spores in one of their many products that probably isn’t in your refrigerator and which may make those few consumers sick and only in some small percentage of cases so seriously it will result in non-living.”

    A little wordy though. I’m sure reputable papers like the NY Post would’ve gone with the highly accurate “BOTULISM BAZAAR!” or maybe “BOTULI$M BACCHANALIA AT BRIGHTON BAZAAR!!”

    I’ll look to them for guidance in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Except that when they gut it, they remove everything that is not part of the actual fish “muscle?”

  9. I think you need to reassess your ideal of a tabloid sensationalistic title. Nothing in this title is exaggerated and, moreover, it is based on a fact; NYS Dept. of Agriculture actually did put out this warning.

    I’m pretty much recapping what Knightmare said, I agree.

  10. Totally agree with you LL.

    Personally, I love the roe that is often found inside whole herring. I haven’t heard of a single person getting botulism from this store or any other Russian store in NYC (fyi, they ALL sell whole herring).

  11. Titles to articles are always intended to be attention grabbing. That’s the entire point. There was no embellishment or falsehood, no line was crossed man. Seriously get over it.

  12. I don’t own the store and I don’t even like it and don’t go there. My beef is with the attention grabbing, tabloid, cheap-shot title that unfairly portrays the store as having a botulism infestation*

    * or not

  13. Can’t assume that without evidence. Years ago state food inspectors were known to be much more difficult to deal with than federal ones. I can’t say for certain whether things have changed over the years.

  14. There’s nothing libelous is the point. He’s warning consumers. He’s not writing it for the hell of it, he’s writing it because there’s been a violation given already. While the headline is attention-grabbing. If someone panics, well then that’s on their own, if they didn’t read the rest of the article.The only reason to overreact would be if you had an axe to grind with the author or you were the business in question.

  15. Thankfully, we have legal experts such as yourself monitoring the actions of often reckless, libelous local bloggers who think they own everything. Time for us to take America back!

    It doesnt matter that SB was only reporting a Food Safety Alert that was actually issued to an actual store, if we stop selling whole herring, the terrorists win!

    I’m with you, LL, we need to join together for the rights of pickled seafood everywhere!

  16. That’s why we have inspections. Suppliers are also supposed to be subject to inspection. Which may mean that the supplier is not legally in business here.

  17. Possible my ass! The title is tabloid journalism with a bit of Glenn Beck added. Tomorrow he’ll say “Possible apocalypse coming today… or not.”

  18. Don’t know about botulism, but I have tried shopping there and have given up. Products are mislabeled. The cashiers have no idea what an item is and it doesn’t scan. They charge prices higher than the posted prices. I wanted them to do well, but it just doesn’t look like they are even trying.

  19. That’s my point. If the product was not allowed to be shipped into the United States because it did not FDA requirements they couldn’t sell it.

    If you ordered from a local source it would most likely meet state requirements.

    My father was a butcher. They voluntarily had an inspector make regular visits just so they stayed within changing regulations.

  20. That still would only apply to imported food though. It’s possible they could be ordering from someone within the U.S., at least in regards to Customs doing anything.

  21. How’s it poorly written? The title says “Possible,” while the article details why and how a consumer may be at risk. Nowhere in the title does it say it is confirmed, instead only citing why the violation was given and for what reason.

  22. What a poorly written article! If I were Brighton Bazaar, I would sue for Libel.

    There is NO botulism at Brighton Bazaar. They sell herring whole but NY law requires it to be gutted so they got cited. The law is designed to prevent botulism.

    Seriously… what kind of a Russian doesn’t buy their Herring whole!