What Would You Do With $7 Million?


I bought one office building instead of 233,333 DiFara's pizzas. I must be evil.

You may remember that we passed along info last week about State Senator Carl Kruger’s latest swindling of city taxpayers, where he finagled $7 million of city funds for his old Community Board 18. They are using every last penny (or at least whatever doesn’t “disappear”) towards a new office building for the board, which has only two staff members – Kruger’s girlfriend and Kruger’s sister.

So, $7 million during teacher, NYPD and FDNY layoffs, MTA fare hikes, cuts in hospital staffing – and on and on – to be used on a facility that will ultimately house two paid employees of a board that the mayor is looking to eliminate? We would hope a group as civic-minded as a community board would find far more efficient use of such funds.

So we asked our own Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo what she would spend the money on. We know: it’s a loaded question that no sane person would answer with, “Well, the board really needs a Lamborghini to zoom around to local civic meetings… vrrrroooommm.” But her answer was interesting if only to see where the board thinks financial priorities should go within the district.

She writes:

That is simple. If Community Board 15 had 7 million, we would begin with new infrastructure. We in Southern Brooklyn have one of the highest 311 complaints for sewer back-ups because of our old and narrow pipes. Second, repave or reconstruct the streets. In Gerritsen Beach several of the streets in the old section are in need of major reconstruction. There are no curbs, so the water does not move it sits. That kind of money doesn’t go that far. The Gerritsen job alone could go for from 5 to 10 million. I am sure I could find many more uses for that money.

And just to drive the point home, here are a few things $7 million could buy:

  • ~ 230 police officers
  • ~ 192 firefighters
  • ~ 140 teachers
  • ~ 90 nurses at a public hospital
  • ~ 14 new subway cars
  • ~ 127 MTA subway conductors, motormen, bus drivers and station agents (yes, they get paid more than the starting salaries of teachers, firefighters and police officers).
  • ~ 636,363 pizza pies… because why not?
  • ~ 233,333 specialty pizza pies from DiFara’s. Again… why not?
  • Gene2

    Wow.. every time I see this guys picture it reminds me of how much I dislike him. He can only do two things…

    1-Bullshit to elderly
    2-Steal public funds

    That’s right.. State Senator Carl Crooker. Who voted for his guy? I guess old people

    • No, everybody voted for him. His true colors have only become fully apparent in the last year and a half.

      • bigmike

        HE RAN UNOPPOSED ! NO Democrat will go against him..F@#king Crook.
        NOT JMHO

        • And two years he was just another cog in the machine.

  • id do what any saNE PERSon would do, id ejaculate on it and set it on fire

  • Anonymous

    Guy’s a crook.

  • JR

    i’d buy L&B pizza instead with 7 mil…

  • edCoachedj

    I’ d say ” Carl you can keep the $7m plus your $2m reelction pot IF you’ll immediately resign your senate seat, permanently and immediately move to another country outside of this hemisphere, turn over all your papers to a special investigator, publish a list of all those who have contibuted to you during your senate career (both under and over the table), reveal the names of who you think are the 2 biggest political scoundrels in NYC, and, finally, tell your blindly, loyal voters exactly what you have accomplished in your years as a senator to benefit the greater public good. Here’s your one-way plane ticket, bye-bye.”

  • MIke

    Lets All Vote for Avrahom Rosenberg Someone who is tired of Kruger

  • Sm1017