Should "DOT" Change Name To "D'OH!"?


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I had to ask a lot of people if this sign made any sense. The consenus? Not one bit.

“No Parking – Other Times” is meaningless without other signs around with times on them. There were none to be found near the corner where this has been installed. It sits at the crosswalk at Ocean Avenue and Emmons Avenue, on the water side across from Baku Palace. It points into the intersection, indicating that you can’t park on the sidewalk portion of the intersection. But, to the best of our knowledge, it should read “No Parking – Any Time,” much like the one on the streetlight across from it (pictured at right).

Thanks to nolastname for the tip.


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  3. The left portion of the arrow looks photoshopped. If you look closely, there is a white rectangle that does not match the otherwise grainy white background of the sign.

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  5. I have videotaping equipment around, but it is old and hasn’t been used in years. It may not work. I also have to compensate for the height of my patio.

    Wireless web cameras are somewhat easier to set up. But I’m not sure how clear an image an inexpensive one would transmit

  6. The DOT did not hang that sign. I just spoke with the Brooklyn Commissioner and he checked with Borough Engineering who is responsible for hanging these signs and they have no record of this sign. Community Board 15 has had similar situations throughout the District. Individuals acquire these signs and hang them where they believe they are needed.

  7. If I had the know how I would hook one up too. Is there a cheep way of doing a “view as videotaping”? I looked for outdoor cameras and there is so much extras to buy, then the installation.
    I am thinking a wireless camera that can be stuck anywhere and feed to my lap-top??

  8. I am considering videotaping my sidewalk. It might be useful to catch them in the act. It’s always the same people walking their dogs, I’d know who it was and then I could confront from when I saw them again.

  9. LOL this does not suprise me. There are some signs that are so screwed up from the DOT anything to confuse the public.

  10. Well if you get a ticket, you can fight it by saying you only parked that time, not other. Just make sure you have a photo of the entire lamp post with the sign.