Shopping Cart Series: Twilight Zone


We don’t know. She went M.I.A., and took all the photos of shopping carts with her. So, instead of Ray making up stories about shopping carts, how about you make up some stories about Ray? Where’d she go?!


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  • The site is running slow. Did one of your carts take your super-megaserver?

  • AnnMan

    ned, sweetie, did you draw this yourself?

    • No. It’s a Picasso, you uncultured swine. Now back off.

      • Yes, and its one of his better known works, at that.

        This is why we need a larger budget for teaching art appreciation in the schools.

  • Cabbie88658

    ned, sweetie, we know where she is…

  • Anonymous

    I hope Ray’s OK – but I don’t miss the shopping cart stories.

  • BrooklynBus

    What do you mean Ray’s stories are all made up? I thought they were all true. I bet Courier-Life also thought they were all true since they are not very good at spotting hoaxes.

  • Eitan

    Its exactly this sort of whimsical series, created early on at a time when SB didnt take itself too seriously, that perhaps unintentionally, perfectly captures a small slice of what it means to be from Brooklyn. I want it back.

  • Georgia

    RAY come forward yes were have you been??? I really miss the shopping carts.
    They are always on the road.

  • Ray Johnson

    Ned, you sweetie(?!). Ray’s M.I.A.? What some people would do for a rhyme!
    How could I have missed this post? That’s it. Gonna show you people…

    • Anonymous


      • Yep. Ray, we’re counting on you!