Shopping Cart Series: Afternoon Delight


Shopping carts having a little too much fun? (Photo courtesy of MSniceguy, August 2010)

We’re not in Sheepshead Bay or anywhere near, but we’re close enough so that when we decided to roll all the way, we wheeled over to the new (now notorious!) sex shop on Sheepshead Bay Road.

That store got so much attention that even if there was one closer to us, here at Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store in the very quiet little mall near JFK Airport, we just had to go and see if there was anything that could make our first time go smoothly, if you know what I mean.

When we got there, we realized that we didn’t need any of those plastic toys and novelties. I mean, we’re both mainly plastic ourselves. So here we are, cuddling after our little afternoon delight, in the broad daylight, au naturel!


  1. This is exactly why the Shopping Cart Series exists. Two carts irresponsibly getting their freak on in the middle of the street leads to more and more stray carts around the area. These carts don’t even know each other, they will fornicate and produce more carts that will have no proper home or upbringing. I mean, at least the male cart could do is slip a trash bag over it’s front end to prevent reproduction!

  2. Ray, you’re a voyeur? Never would’ve pegged you for one ;) Poor shopping carts don’t have a lot of places to go when they’re in heat.

    Great wildlife photography there ;)

  3. I never would have thought that this site could have been so perverted!!! The depravity…you should all be ashamed! I’m calling for a ban on the shopping cart series!!
    brb gotta get some tissue….
    That’s right a ban!!

  4. This is why I don’t write shopping cart posts. If I had done it, I would’ve embedded some sexy-time music like Barry White, funk or hell, maybe R. Kelly. The post would’ve read like a Dear Penthouse Forum letter. I mean look at those wheels, all up in her like that. Kinky freaks.