The Heroes Of Plumb Beach


There’s no two ways about it: Not enough is being done to repair and protect Plumb Beach. As we’re all well aware, the beach was devastated almost one full year ago, in November, by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. In May, workers began prepping the bike path for reconstruction. But the real fixes never came, and neither did the long-term planning Congressman Anthony Weiner said the city and state needs to consider.

Blame the bureaucrats and the locally elected. But don’t blame the guys down there every couple of days, working to keep what’s there from sinking further into the sea. A reader sent in photos of these fellahs at work this week, as well as some of the same people from December. These city contractors have been there on-and-off since the storm hit, placing sandbags and pushing back water and muck from the parking lot after the storm. What remains of Plumb Beach remains because of the hard work these people put in. And they deserve some thanks, even if it is their job, because Plumb Beach is the way it is because so many are not doing their jobs.

  • Whwsailboat

    I’m sure they are thankfull for a never ending job of keeping the sea from eating up the Belt. Sorta like geting paid to build sand castles.

  • guesty

    i email Congressman Weiner on this about a week ago. no response yet. I think I’ll start calling every week until the job is done. Its about a hundred feet of work to be done but its taking forever.

  • bagels

    I agree but when I read this I immediately thought of Sisyphus and that huge boulder.

  • That’s a great idea. I think I’ll do the same. This issue might even effect my vote for Congress!

  • Anonymous

    Is it really true that the spelling of the beach is what the hold up is?
    City, state, feds.- whoever,,,,if that’s true, shame on you.

  • Could be. There’s Plumb Beach, which is on what used to be Plum Island.

  • Anonymous

    Ha. Ha-ha. You’re the best.

  • Can’t you just visualize a bunch of bureaucrats arguing over jurisdiction using such minutae? It’s like something out of Jonathan Swift.

  • Whwsailboat

    Doubt there is an easy solution that a few phone calls or someone different in congress will find. If there is, lets hear it!

  • Anonymous

    Gullivers Travels, (sigh) what memories I have watching in my youth.

  • Yes, things never change.

    The Fleischer animated version is available on the Internet Archive.

  • Whwsailboat

    According to Lenny Houston of the ACOE at last nights JBTF meeting, the sand bags are good for 2 years. Then the plan is to replenish the beach with sand from the maintenance dredging of Breezy Point (which is done evry 2 years or so). Small rock jetties on either end of the beach are being considered to keep the sand in place.

    • Anonymous

      No, no rock jetties. To tempting for a fisherperson to get hurt.