Shopping Cart Series: Ready For Bed


Shopping cart and pillow bed mattress. (Photo courtesy of nolastname, 2010)

Roaming the streets of Sheepshead Bay all day with these bags of cans sure can be tiring.

I guess it’s not as bad as some have it. At least I have some shelter (the Belt Parkway overpass at Ocean Avenue) and a place to rest my head at night or day or whenever the mood takes me.

Now, if I could only get me a pillow and some sheets. Oh, yeah, and some earplugs, ‘cuz that Belt Parkway rumbling and bridge renovation sure does keep me awake!


  1. It’s not funny at all- it' disgusting! This place smells, I saw rats there and there is a LOT of garbage and NOBODY care to clean it for weeks. A lot of people go to the beach and see this- what they think about us- who live near it…It’s just show the low level of our sanitation service

  2. This is really nuts but nothing surprises me. Well sanitation should get rid of this. What's next lol