Lost Dog, And What The Heck Is Bringle?


I spied this lovely flier taped to the Redbox machine at the 7-11 on Coney Island Avenue at Kathleen Court. So, first off, if anyone has seen this dog, give a call, eh?

But concern for the dog or its owner wasn’t my first thought – perhaps revealing some deep flaw of personal character. Instead I said to myself, “What the heck is bringle?!”

Honestly. I didn’t know. That bothered me more than the idea that some little kid could be shattered over her lost pup. She could’ve been raised by that friggin’ thing, and now would be totally destitute, bawling her little sparkling eyes out like a proud member of the Lindsey Lohan generation.

But all that mattered to me is this mysterious word, “bringle.” If a real word, it would be my favorite. It sounds musical, and leaps out from between lips. Its pops with energy and spirit. No, it bringles with energy and spirit.

It’s an awesome word, but I have no idea what it means. Do you?

I Googled it, and other than a particularly nasty definition in the Urban Dictionary (far too nasty to link to), I couldn’t find anything. I even tried to find out if it was some Russian word that meant, like, brown or something. That would make sense, right?


This dog is brindle patterned, not bringle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Well, I think they meant brindle. Which is another word I’d never heard before. But – thank you, Wikipedia – it is apparently a coloring pattern in animals, sometimes described as “tiger striped,” but more subtle. Check out that photo to the right.

Anyway, why am I wasting time and space on this little topic? Because there’s a freakin’ lost dog, people!

Have you seen it around? It looks like a tiger, but more subtle!

If you know anything, give the number a bringle.


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  • oh wow, just checked out urban dictionary. that was gold

  • this makes me want to wheat paste ( kid styled font ) words up all over brooklyn, like blumpkin and such. id love to see parents try to explain that to kids etc :D

  • Anonymous

    It is Brindle. I thought it meant marbled.

  • Cabbie

    never heard of brindle? … and you want to be a dog-walker.

  • OK, I am in awe of your superior knowledge. I’ve never heard of brindle before. And now I am going crazy trying to remember another synonym for marbled.

    GIGO is not fair. Our brains should have expansion modules.

  • BrooklynGirl

    Not to be a stickler, but it’s bawling, not balling. So give that poor upset kid a break on their spelling :) And I hope they find the dog!

  • LMAO @ “Have you seen it around? It looks like a tiger, but more subtle!”

  • Anonymous

    As in flavorful BEEF> LOL.
    Angus type stuff that s-n-s is not stocking much of as late.
    PS what the h… is GIGO?
    And my brain does expand, maybe tooooo much.

  • Except in my own work, of course ;)

  • Hahah, correct! Well, I wasn’t trying to give a hard time about the spelling. I had no idea that either bringle or brindle was a word, and it caught my interest. Unless it’s my job to edit them, I don’t get pissy about occasional spelling errors.

  • GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. The assumption that we only have so much room in our brain for information. This is why really smart people get swelled heads.

    I’m not specifically thinking of you, of course. You are quite modest. Even if you are smart.

  • I’m not smart, but I am super awesome. How do you explain my swelled head?

  • Anonymous

    Stop, I got lucky. You on the other hand are a world of information.

  • You keep storing away information in the wrong places. You’ll have to put up signs to remind your brain where everything is.

    I did read that “Ned is Super Awesome” study that was published in the “Annals of Social Behavior” journal last year. I do remember that there were some questions about the methodology used. Was it merely co-incidence that all of the respondents were friends of yours? It was said that it was hard to find a control group of people who weren’t your friends.

  • I think you spelled it wrong. That study was in the “Anals of Social Behavior.” I headlined the issue.

  • I have to double check everything. I never trust the intuitive process when it comes to facts. Sometimes I find that I misremembered something.

    I think I’ve done way too much reading on certain subjects. Luckily I often know where I read something before.

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  • Oh yes, that was definitely the one. Embarrassingly, I know some of the editors.

  • And GIGO can be compared to the “Kelly Bundy Syndrome”.