New Public Garbage Cans, Is There Improvement?


A new Sanitation Department litter basket appeared on the corner of East 14th Street and Avenue Z this morning, making us wonder if the agency is finally showing concern for the torrent of trash pouring daily onto Sheepshead Bay’s streets.

At the same time, we’ve heard from a smattering of residents that the new garbage pickups that went into effect on July 1 has been improving the situation.

Have you noticed any new garbage cans in your area? Has the situation improved since July 1?

  • Linda

    I haven't seen any of the new pails but I will say the situation regarding the overflow of trash hasn't improved at all. Especially by the Sheepshead Bay Station. Every night I come out of there on my way home from work and the overflow of garbage in the pails is unbelievable! I expect to see rats at any given moment.

  • Georgia

    WOW ONE is better then none. What happened this is a big thing for Sheepshead Bay.
    When the squeaky wheels get started and stamp your feet yell out loud we have a new trash basket.

  • Georgia

    I agree 100% At the end of the day it's a mountain of garbage.

  • It looks like there are generally more now on Avenue U. But also looks like a couple pf cans there were removed.

  • PayPaul

    The other week I saw two on the same corner of Avenue U and 14th Street. Maybe they were having a rubbish rendevous?

    Garbage can # 1: Hey Lucy! I'm home!

    Garbage can # 2: Ooh Ricky, could you take out the humans today?

    Garbage cans have tales to tell. First it was shopping carts now it's the turn of the Trash Bins.

  • BrooklynBus

    Time to speak to Cymbrowitz again.

  • Marilynnp

    I'm glad Sheepshead Bay has new garbage cans – Ave. U is just terrible – I think the garbage was worse on Ave U – from Ocean Ave. to Coney Island Ave. Maybe you can help with this problem! It's really unhealthy…..thanks mp

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  • Danny Tattoo

    If the store owners would stop filling them up the minute they get picked up …maybe people would have a place to throw their coffee cup or newspaper..instead of on the ground.

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