Con Edison Reduces Power to Southern Brooklyn


Courtesy of niznoz via Flickr

Con Edison is asking customers in Gravesend, Manhattan Beach, Coney Island and Seagate to scale back on power usage while repairs are made throughout the day.

The company is reducing the power supply by 5 percent to some 27,000 households in order to keep stress off the system as they go about emergency repairs. Con Edison is urging customers to turn off all non-essential items, and say things will be back to normal by 2 a.m.

The company reduced power to several Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods during last week’s heat wave, as it coped with near record-shattering power demand.


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  2. My house dropped below 90 volts, as my home theater protection system completely shut down. The system is designed to work from 92 to 130 volts. The screen came on and said “Fail….Invol (input voltage) Too Low”. Got the same phone calls at 7am and 6pm as Lisanne. Power came back up Sat night, but I had a repeat performance last night without any further calls from Con Ed.

  3. We received about 4 or 5 phone calls (our machine picked them all up) but were out most of the day. Even though all we had on was one AC unit, on energy save mode, at 74 degrees, for the living room while we were out.

  4. brightonresident on

    This is the 3rd day in a row that they have done this. And why don't they mention Brightoon Beach!?

  5. We're in Midwood. We had low voltage as of last Tuesday, roughly 95-102 volts. Lights were dim and my computer battery backup wouldn't come off battery. Finally, this AM, we're back up at 112 volts.

  6. I got a phone call from Con Edison early on Saturday (three attempts in fact) I wasn't up yet, it was at 7AM. NO message left. Late in the afternoon I got another call from them which I picked up. They “thanked” me for cutting down on consumption while they did emergency repairs;