Hipster Map Shows They’re Talking About Us


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The above map, which went viral over the weekend, is a rendering of the NYC subway map decoded for hipsters. Predictably, the focus is around the L, G and J/M/Z lines, which snake through solidly hipster territory, and all of East Brooklyn is labeled “Forbidden Zone.” East and West are designated as the routes to Prague and Portland, respectively, while lower Manhattan (my favorite part of the map) is marked with “Part-time Editorial Asst Position Available!” Anyone who has been to a bar in Williamsburg and overhead career conversations will get the joke.

As for our ‘hood, the B/Q is eliminated almost in its entirely. It pops up, unlabeled, around Stillwell, where hipsters might transfer from the F in order to get to Sheepshead Bay, the place that they “Talk about going here.”

This might be a surprise to some of you – Sheepshead Bay is a rising star. In the past two years that I’ve been obsessively following any mention of the community on the interweb, there’s been a striking rise in the amount of mentions and praise the area receives – especially for signature restaurants like Clemente’s Crab House, Randazzos or Rasputin (yes, old timers, we’re known for our Eastern European restaurants, too). It used to be the city press only turned eyes to us to scribble about Lundy’s drama and its representation of neighborhood decay, or maybe a shooting in the projects or a heroic rescue on the waterfront. But these days, there are more stories about our restaurants, our real estate, our culture and our local struggles.

To a lot of us, the idea that the “Eye of Hipster” is upon us inspires dread. But why shouldn’t they pay attention? Despite our problems (and please, let’s put those aside for the moment), this neighborhood is the best blend there is of city and outerborough. Good bars, delicious food, jaw-dropping views and an actual community with roots, not wayward trust-fund babies…

And the things we’re lacking – are bubbling just underneath the surface. It’s a Sheepshead Bay renaissance, people. Get with it.

As for the hipsters – that’s the best part. Kids who’ve eschewed the suburbs still can’t stomach 45 minutes on the subway. We’re still in the clear.

  • cabbie

    thank goodness they can't take the 45 minute subway ride here – we don't want them. as the map shows, they can go live in bay ridge once they are priced out of billyburg.
    my ex-girlfriend lives there, and says sheepshead bay is too far from her world – but even though she can't stand the little shits, she prefers to live amongst them as opposed to living with the rude bunch that now inhabits my beloved fishing village.

    p.s. if you want a cute tattooed girlfriend, you can go there and just take theirs – the guys are too weak from their vegan diets and knees shot from riding their fixies to chase you. – peace!

  • brooklynq

    This neighborhood is getting more famous all the time. I give all the credit to NYC's only BBQ contest – and southern Brooklyn's premier foodie event – Grillin' On The Bay. It's brought people from all over the city and the northeast to our neighborhood for 5 years now.

  • Really? That's a lot of credit to give such an event that happens in a Catholic schoolyard. I mean, you can't even eat the food – what's the point?

    However, I give all the credit to the neighborhood blog. What's it called again? Right… GerritsenBeach.net

  • brooklynq

    Yup. Grillin' On The Bay! Have you seen all the cooks and celebs that come out every year? It's a virtual who's who of the food blogging world.

    A true hipster does not care about where an event is held, only the hipness of the event. Look at Brooklyn Flea – it takes place in a Catholic Schoolyard too.

    Oh, You are so hip Mr. Berke. Not.

  • I saw this map last week and thought you'd like it, but I never sent it. I'm glad you found it on your own.

  • Ned secretly wants to be a hipster.

  • Hahaha, nothing more important has ever been posted to SBites. :P
    I'm a young gal. I listen to the same crappy music “hipsters” listen to. But I could NOT imagine living in Bushwick/Williamsburg ever again. It's absolutely AWFUL. The people are rude, nobody takes pride in their neighborhood, and it smells of Parliaments and PBR – seriously. I like that Sheepshead Bay is so quiet and far away from all that crap.

  • Janelle

    Ned told me deep down that he does want to be a hipster lol

  • applegreen

    ya'll forgot dead bodies floating in the bay.

  • I like that they get to Sheepshead Bay via the F to Coney Island, not the Q/B. The hipster world is all about the F/G train.

  • Steffi

    Anytime I meet a hipster and I tell them I am from Sheepshead Bay, I get a look like I have 3 heads and a “where is that?!?”. The best description I can give that makes sense to them is, “If you look on train map, it's near Coney Island.”

  • Ray Johnson

    This thread is so amusing. The part about why Sheepshead Bay is “getting more famous” and how we're now in the eye of the hipsters. Hilarious. Yeah, Sheepshead Bay never even existed before the blog and one day, we're all going long for the anonymous days.

  • Ray Johnson

    This thread is so amusing. The part about why Sheepshead Bay is “getting more famous” and how we're now in the eye of the hipsters. Hilarious. Yeah, Sheepshead Bay never even existed before the blog and one day, we're all going long for the anonymous days.