Wonder What Happens When Hipsters Meet Russians?


Say what you want about Russians, I’ll take them any day over hipsters. YouTube user pa518 does a damn good job of illustrating just how awkward an encounter between the two would be, with totally satisfying results. Using Xtranormal, a free web service that allows anyone to type dialog and direct their own animated clip, pa518 retells a story a girl from Brighton Beach told him. It’s not so much funny as it is you can picture this crap going down in real life.

My favorite part?

Girl: I’m from the Ukraine … It’s a country in the former Soviet Union.

Guy: Dude, that’s awesome. I’m a communist too. I’m all about, like, sharing and sticking it to the man.

Girl: … I am not a communist. They actually killed my father for speaking his mind. I have no love for them.

Guy: Dude, your father must have been a dirty capitalist then, man.

Then the hipster tries to ask her out. Damn, I love hipsters. I love them so much I want to stab myself in the face with a spoon.

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  • applegreen

    ah… that explains why i could never make friends with hipsters. i found them to be too odd, and they had no idea what the fuck i was.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisanne001 Lisanne!

    Hipsters aren't communists. They're mostly pretenders that believe they are liberal, but move into poor neighborhoods to “be with real people” and end up fighting with the original inhabitants over their right to “free expression”.

    True communists, the American kind, are a rarity these days. They were, for the most part, rather harmless. But they were really clueless.

  • http://www.bksouthie.com/ Brian Hedden | BK Southie

    “Because it's dull, you twit, it will huhhhht more”

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    Haha. Funny. Of course the Russian chick is dressed all whorey, even in an animated video lol

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    I am gonna try that

  • NY Blood

    I made that, your limited on the characters, it was either that character or some pale skin hipster.

  • NY Blood

    I made that, your limited on the characters, it was either that character or some pale skin hipster.

  • Aries

    Ukraine is not Russia.