The Waters Run Brown On East 23rd


Residents of East 23rd Street around Avenue W woke up this morning to discover brown water flowing throughout their homes. Why is this news? Well, the DEP came within an hour of lodging the complaint with 311. We rarely get to report quick results from 311, so it seemed worthy of passing along.

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  • nolastname

    EAST 19 STREET also.

  • Lisanne!

    This is serious, it could constitute a health threat. And that water is extremely brown.

    I wonder if we'll ever find out what happened. Looks like ground seepage into the pipes.

  • brooklynq

    Look's just like the fire hydrant on East 21 Street

  • a concerned parent

    Ocean Avenue also had brown water this morning

  • nolastname

    East 17 street also

  • bagels

    Whenever the fire department flushes out the hydrants you always have brown water for a little while. A couple of days ago I saw them doing all the hydrants on Ave T in the 20s.

  • benjy225

    I had the same situation on 26 w/x

  • benjy225

    I had the same situation on 26 w/x