Kids’ Toy Store Closes Doors For Good


Bim Bom Inc., the children’s toy store, has shuttered its 1207 Avenue U location. It’s too bad – I enjoyed looking for gifts for my nieces here. They had a good selection of affordable gifts and crafts that you couldn’t get at a store like Toys “R” Us.


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  3. It was a nice store. They had really cool matchbox car sized die cast metal vehicles, but not like ones you would ever see in toys r us. Kids loved it, and grandma's house was not too far away. It brought a bit of class to that stretch of avenue U.

  4. I think the “weird” store used to be there. The one that was all dark and sold God knows what. Or was the corset store there?

  5. …but Emerald Jewelry is STILL there, after all these years. wow. Sorry about the kids store, tho (I don't think it was there when I was).

  6. I thought that was a cute store. And they had some rather interesting items there. I guess they've become another victim of the “recession”.