Remember When: Beefsteak Charlie’s Filled Us Up


Before the neighborhood had Applebee’s, before we had T.G.I. Fridays, and before Coldstone Creamery, there was Beefsteak Charlie’s.

Over on Facebook, we’ve been reminiscing about the nearly-forgotten metropolitan chain since I brought it up yesterday. For those too young or too new to the area to remember, Beefsteak Charlie’s was a steakhouse across the street from Waldbaum’s on the corner of Shore Parkway and Ocean Avenue. Back then, you could get unlimited salad, unlimited shrimp, bottomless pitchers of beer, and endless platters of ribs for way under $20.00.

For me, it was the go-to restaurant of choice. My three brothers and I ate off the kids menu and gobbled down shrimp from the salad bar. It’s probably the first place I ever had a shrimp, a rib, or a sip of beer.

It shut down in the mid- to late-90s, one of the last of 60+ locations. There are still two locations in Manhattan and one on Long Island, but it’s unknown if they have any relationship to the chain that sprung out of the Manhattan restaurant first opened in 1910.

Here’s to you, Beefsteak…


  1. I have one better what about Clement’s on Sheepshead Bay Road across from Mr.D’s Corner…………Then Clement’s changed it to the New Clement’s……..

  2. My friends and I and I’m talking about 15 of us would go out once a month to Beefys

  3. The Galloping Gormet on

    Hello Allan, were you the Manager or Matre’dee? Anyways, Hamilton House was a real class act, what Lundy’s should have aspired to. So, where are you now Living?

  4. I recognize this is a very old discussion but I just ran across it. I ran both the old Hamilton House and, when it was taken over by Larry Ellman, Beefsteak Charlies. It was originally Steak & Brew, but Larry was sued by Steak & Ale of Dallas for copyright infringement
    when they wanted to move to the Northeast so he changed the name.

  5. The Galloping Gormet on

    Hi RMill, The folks who posted here five years ago have likely retired and moved to Florida. The rest of us never went into The City (Manhattan), so why would we know about the life and times of blonde cousin Tony who worked in a Manhattan location?

  6. Does anybody remember a blonde woman who worked there named Toni? I’m not sure what she did there whether it was waiting tables, tending bar, cook or hostess. I am a cousin of hers and am wanting to learn more about that era of her life. So far it is quite a story!! She worked in a Manhattan location.

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  8. Looking for thier banna bread recipe beefsteak charlies one ofmy best childhood memories 

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  10. Veronicamott on

    we want beefsteak charlies back!!!!!!you can keep applebees etc.come back to sheepsheadbay.

  11. I was very sad the day they closed. This was the go to place for my family while growing up. I will never forget playing Gaunlet and Ikari Warriors while waiting for the food to be served.

  12. I was very sad the day they closed. This was the go to place for my family while growing up. I will never forget playing Gaunlet and Ikari Warriors while waiting for the food to be served.

  13. Missed this comment until now. I ate at Tappen's a couple of times. Irving Lundy owned that too. It was also dark, if my memory is correct. But more of a conventional restaurant, no craziness there.

  14. Hamilton House was at that location for many years. They merely closed there and I believe Riese contracted the location afterwards.

  15. I'm suddenly transported back to the Sheepshead Bay of my “yout”. Who remembers:
    The Flame
    La Versailles
    And of course Seniors

  16. I lived in the neighborhood and remember seeing Beefsteak Charlies, but alas I never went to it before it closed. I think the closest I ever got to it was the chicken place that was on Ocean Avenue and Emmons… I think it was Kenny Rogers?

  17. beefsteak charlies. spent new years eve there some 35 years ago. now who remembers tappans.

  18. Beefsteak Charlies and Cooky's (two convenient locations in Brooklyn…Trivia…where were they?)

  19. I sort of had my Sweet 16 there a loooonnggg time ago. The only reason we went there is because they didn't check IDs, so me and a bunch of other under age kids were able to drink all of the beer, wine and sangria we dared to. It was great!

  20. I loved this place. I remember the valet parking, shrimp bar and the sangria. They also had a pretty good menu.