Kingsborough Backtracks On Pro-Life Censorship


Courtesy of Paypaul via Flickr

Kingsborough Community College decided last week to roll back a decision banning a student from distributing a pro-life magazine on campus after the intervention of a religious speech advocacy group.

Back in September, the school ordered student Joseph Hayon to stop distributing copies of Live Action’s national pro-life magazine, The Advocate. Urged on by Live Action, a new media anti-abortion venture, Hayon contacted the Alliance Defense Fund. The ADF provides legal assistance and training for a host of causes on the religious right.

On March 11, the ADF sent a letter to Kingsborough officials requesting the decision be overturned in respect of the First Amendment.

“KCC simply cannot silence speech because some people find it offensive,” they wrote.

Kinsborough Community College agreed, and swiftly reversed its ban, saying they would respect Hayon’s right to distribute The Advocate.

[via Live Action]


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  3. Oh I bet they would. The pro-choice people are just as highly organized and funded as the pro-life. I seem to remember that college was the place to learn all sorts of different opinions, however much your agree or disagree with them. Let all the ideas flow.

  4. I'm glad that student has the ability to express their opinion. However, if someone was distributing pro-choice literature, would the same level of action to repeal the school's decision have been made? I highly doubt it.

  5. Free speech means that we allow expression that we might find objectionable. If we don't do so, we remove any arguments we have when our own right to expression is threatened.