Red Fish Smoking Gets Literal


It looks as if our local graffiti maven, Red Fish Smoking, is moving away from his crappy stickers and onto some “found art.”

Okay, okay, so it’s not red. But it is dead, and my name is Ned, so it’s all gravy.

After yesterday’s rain, reader EdFark spotted this dead fish smoking on the asphalt near Avenue T and East 18th Street. He snapped a cell phone picture and sent it our way. Any ideas on how this little bugger found his way nearly a mile from any large body of water?


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  2. Oh my god… I used to see stickers all around Bay Parkway when I was in HS, that said Red Fish Smoking. I took one and had it on my wall for years until I moved!

  3. I hear Disney wants to do a film shoot in this area. It's going to be a sequel to Finding Nemo and going to be called “Finding Dead Fish Smoking”.

  4. That's odd. It's like that time there was a steak on Sheepshead Bay Rd, but it was in a package, so it must have fell from someone's shopping bag or cart, or whatever. In this case, this is just a fish, not even in one of those clear bags like they put them in at the fish stores these days.