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I’ll Never Be a Copywriter

Posted By Ned Berke On July 7, 2008 @ 10:14 pm In Bits & Pieces | 6 Comments

You may have noticed (probably not) that the tagline for the site has changed from “Real Brookynites. Real Teeth.” to “Angling for a Better Bay”. This is to better reflect what we’re doing here at SheepsheadBites.com. However, before we came up with this witty bit of marketing genius (uhuh — Ed.), we sat around with some friends in what I would call a “brain-less-storming” session. These friends, mind you, do not live in the Bay, are irreverent putzes, and didn’t even know I had a site ’til I asked for help. Well, some silly ideas got passed around. Here is a list of some of the more exceptionally dumb ones for your amusement (Note: The following taglines were rejected for [often obvious] reasons, and do not reflect the opinions of the website):

  • “We’ve Got Chompers”
  • “Sheepshead Bay: I’m Pretty Sure You Can’t Swim In It”
  • “The Tide is Rising”
  • “Got Bait?”
  • “Crazy Russians and Just Plain Regular Crazies Who Have Sat Out in the Sun Too Long Trying to Sell Fish… um… Live Here”
  • “Blowin’ In – from Across the Sea”
  • “Let’s Fry This Fish”
  • “Sheepshead Bites, an Abomination of Humor”
  • “Don’t Drink the Water”
  • “One Tall Glass of Water”
  • “Where Laughs Sleep with the Fishes”
  • “Sheepshead Bites: Ewe-autiful”
  • “We’re Manhattan Beach’s Uglier but Sluttier lil’ Sister”
  • “Straight Outta Brooklyn”
  • “Non-Potable”

Thanks to Ann and Brent, you completely useless wretches.

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