Photo by rabbit57i

Photo by rabbit57i

Looks like Old Saint Nick has visited Sheepshead Bay early this year (either that or MTA workers are getting some time off), as there are no B, Q, or F line subway changes scheduled in Brooklyn today through Wednesday.

You can still keep an eye out for changes in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens, as well as on other lines, via–and check back on Wednesday for information on Christmas subway service, parking rules, closures, and more.


There are all kinds of petty douchebags in this world, but the ones that irk me the most are those who do the wrong thing even when the right thing is so damn easy.

Speeding down a residential block and knocking off a parked car’s mirror? Not the worst thing in the world. Just stop the car, get out, leave an apologetic note with your contact info – and then, you know, drive a little more carefully with all that mud on your face. Not so hard, man.

And yet, the driver in the car of the accompanying video totally went the petty douchebag route, not even slowing down after taking out the parked car’s mirror as well as his own.

Which is why we’re totally happy to help reader Thomas C. track this jerk down. It was his car damaged in the video, parked in front of his own home on East 36th Street near Quentin Road. He pulled the video from the incident, which happened just after 10:00am on Sunday.

Thomas will be reporting it today to the NYPD, but for the time being is offering a $100 reward to anybody who helps him identify the owner of the vehicle, which, he notes, appears to be an early model KIA.

Thomas can be reached at

Photo by Erica Sherman

THE COMMUTE: What is a transit advocate? Is it someone who always proposes mass transit solutions to all transportation problems? No, it isn’t. Mass transit solutions are not always the appropriate solution for every transportation problem. Mass transit only works well when there are enough trips along specific transportation corridors between origins and destinations to justify it. Mass transit does not work well when the origins and destinations are too diverse, with relatively few trips between them. Automobiles may be the most efficient solution in those cases, in which one or both ends of the trip are in rural or suburban areas.

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Source: NYPD

Eduard Ivashcenko, 21, was busted with the help of surveillance cameras.

Following last weekend’s slashing spree, in which local Eduard Ivashcenko allegedly knifed the tires of more than 40 cars in Midwood and Marine Park, Councilman Chaim Deutsch and State Senator Simcha Felder have set up a fund to financially assist victims.

The fund isn’t open to everybody, but should help the neediest victims cover the costs of tire replacement. In order to be eligible, the owner must be younger than 18 or older than 60, or disabled. The victim must also have filed a police report, a copy of which will need to be provided alongside proof of age, an insurance card and a receipt for replacement tires.

“[The] mass tire slashing caused thousands of dollars in damages to vehicle owners,” said Deutsch. “I urge all those who are eligible for reimbursement to contact my office to begin the process.”

“People are still very upset about what happened and the least Councilman Deutsch and I can do is help the victims recoup their losses,” said Felder.

You can begin the process by calling Deutsch’s office at (718) 368-9176 or Felder’s office at (518) 455-2754. Reimbursements are being handled by the New York State Office of Victim Services.

Photo by Erica Sherman

Photo by Erica Sherman

El Greco’s coffee shuttles… It makes me wish someone had photos of the insides of the diners of my youth. The Pavilion, anyone? The original Clement’s, before the fire? Senior’s?

Photo by Erica Sherman

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Preliminary rendering of 1801 Emmons Avenue. The view is from Emmons Avenue and Sheepshead Bay Road. (Source: Sergey Rybak)

Preliminary rendering of the building to replace El Greco. (Source: Sergey Rybak)

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Photo by Meg Haubner

Looking for a new place to call home (with your growing family or multiple roommates)? Sheepshead Bites has got you covered. Our rental roundup showcases some of the deals on the market now–and this week, we’re focusing on local three and four bedroom apartments. If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Three Bedroom with Outdoor Space
Price: $1,950, plus broker fee
Location: 2650 East 28th Street (near Voorhies Avenue)
Description: At $650 per roommate split evenly, this place for three will be the kindest on your bank account of all our listings this week. It’s got an extra half bath so you won’t have to get your pee dance on point, plus there’s a “huge private terrace” and pets are allowed on approval.
Contact: Listed by Awaye Realty, 718-488-0800

Sleek No Fee Three Bed
Price: $2,500, no broker fee
Location: Brighton 12th Street and Ocean View Avenue
Description: This one will hit your pocket harder per month than the apartment above, and it lacks that extra half bath and outdoor space–but photos of a comparable unit show it’s significantly fancier and more modern, and more importantly, it’s broker fee-free. And damn, those kitchen counters. Damn.
Contact: Listed by Town Residential’s Evgeny Pyatibratov, 212-470-8463

No Fee Four/Two Place
Price: $2,700, no broker fee
Location: East 3rd Street between Avenues W and X
Description: Another no fee apartment! What is this, Texas? This one houses four, and has two full baths to keep all tenants comfortable and on time to work in the morning–or at least, if you’re late for some reason other than “Mike was singing ‘Let It Go’ in the shower again for 55 minutes and I couldn’t get to the sink,” then it’s your fault. Okay, it might be the MTA’s fault.
Contact: Listed by Douglas Elliman’s  Jack Chiu, 917-375-7181

Three Beds Plus in a House
Price: $3,100, plus broker fee
Location: 2366 East 5th Street (near Angela Drive)
Description: It’s a little hard to swallow three bedrooms with a fee for $400 more than the above, fee-free four bed, but if you could use a basement, garage, outdoor space, and killer kitchen, this place might be the answer to your prayers. Its current price already reflects a reduction–but as it’s been on the market for about three and a half months, it couldn’t hurt to ask for more.
Contact: Listed by Douglas Elliman’s Valentin Landau, 718-473-2363

Still from video shot by Instagram user boobjones.

Still from video shot by Instagram user boobjones.

A Q train struck and killed a man at Avenue M in Midwood Thursday evening.

The man was hit by a southbound Q train shortly before 7pm, the MTA told CBS News.

It was not immediately clear if he fell onto the tracks or if he jumped.

The outlet reports:

A witness, Joey Baghdadi, took an Instagram video at the scene.

He reported that he was on the train and it stopped suddenly when only two cars had reached the platform.

The victim’s identity had not been made public by yesterday evening.