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Photo by Gennady Favel

After a busy week, here’s a chance to catch up on some of the news happening outside of our neighborhood! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite recent stories from our site and our sister sites, as well as some other fascinating pieces that are worth a read this weekend:

Coney Island Houses will be first to receive Post-Sandy renovations, but NYCHA residents are still skeptical. [Bensonhurst Bean]

Locals are barking mad over a DOH ban on dogs at the bar The Gate, and have started a petition. [Park Slope Stoop]

Dogzilla, dog Ira Glass, “Shih Tzu in a toilet,” and other hits from this year’s Great PUPkin doggie Halloween costume contest. [Fort Greene Focus]

Jon Kest was remembered as a leader who worked tirelessly for social justice in the city. [Ditmas Park Corner]

Oh, F train, why are you always so crazy? [KensingtonBK]

Metal bar Lucky 13 Saloon has moved to Gowanus. [South Slope News]

“The NYPD is engaged in a wide-ranging social experiment in the mass criminalization of poor non-white New Yorkers.” [Gotham Gazette]

A look inside Brooklyn’s newest bar, comfort food restaurant, and ping pong hall. [FGF]

The Staten Island Advance’s reluctant endorsement of embattled Congressman Grimm shows we live in a real life South Park episode. [BB]

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts kicks off 60th anniversary season with concert by Bobby McFerrin. [DPC]

Citi Bike is spreading south into more of Brooklyn…well, more of Park Slope. [PSS]

“The Following” apparently ruins life in Clinton Hill, attempts to make amends with ice cream truck and sad letter. [FGF]

You’re going to want to adopt every single one of these dogs. [DPC]

There are a few problems with that 10 hour catcalling video. That’s no reason not to discount the impact of street harassment. [Salon]

The ultimate soundtrack to NYC. [Brokelyn]

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Looking for a new place to call home? Sheepshead Bites has got you covered. Our rental roundup showcases some of the deals on the market now. If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.


Featured: This new Manhattan Beach apartment is available now. See below.

FEATURED: Three bedrooms with a balcony in Manhattan Beach
Price: $2,700, negotiable
Location: West End Avenue
Description: This three bedroom, two bathroom apartment has a balcony with great ocean views overlooking Manhattan Beach. Three+1 closets, dining room and large living room. Grand master bedroom with separate bathroom. Newly renovated. Available immediately.
Contact: Michael Gershfeld, Bond New York Properties, (917)559-1487,


A commer

Featured: This ultra-modern commercial space is now available. See below.

FEATURED: Designer Office Space for Rent
Price: $2,500
Location: 2467 Ocean Avenue
Description: This office space can be used for a variety of different purposes, including medical/dental, marketing firms, accounting firms or even a tanning salon. It comes with a reception/waiting room, three multi-purpose rooms, one kitchen, one bathroom and an office. Windows and sinks are available in every room. Located in the newly constructed Wellbeing Medical Center (Suite C). No fees!
Contact: Owner, Boris Kerzhner, (347) 721-5348,


One Bedroom in Gravesend
Price: $1,425
Location: East 3rd Street
Description: This apartment is a pretty basic place with a not so basic price. The rooms seem to get a moderately healthy amount of sunlight. But who’s really concerned with that as the dark, winter months approaches?
Contact: William Oliphant, Hillel Realty Group, (347) 314-0138

Two Bedrooms in Sheepshead Bay
Price: $1,750
Location: Homecrest Avenue
Description: The appliances are being replaced. Floors are being re-sealed. Moves are being made for this “great big place, and little price.”
Contact:Chris Shiamili, Ardor Real Estate, (212) 588-3000

Three Bedrooms in Midwood
Price: $3,500
Location: 1535 East 14th Street between Avenue O and Avenue P
Description: Due to how “gorgeous” and “brand new” this place is, it’s rarely available.  I’m not sure if the realtor is describing an apartment or a potential date.
Contact: Morgan Rose Realty, (212) 213-0013

Two Bedrooms and a Fitness Room in Brighton Beach
Price: $2,651
Location: 1120 Banner Avenue
Description: Here you’ll find a fitness room and a beach nearby. Hopefully they aren’t referring to the beach as a fitness room. The windows are floor to ceiling length, giving the place a luxurious feel.
Contact: Irina Fibbio, Fillmore Realty, (718) 858-4700

If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

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No service adjustments scheduled at this time.


From 11:45pm Friday to 5am Monday, Jamaica-bound F trains are rerouted via the A from Jay St-MetroTech to W 4 St.


Neighbors, community leaders and faith leaders gathered on the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy to honor the lives lost in the storm, and from the service came pleas for unity, patience and action from several speakers.

The annual “Light up the shore” event sees communities along the northeast coast light candles along the shoreline, a regional vigil for those affected by the storm. About 70 people turned out to the local event at the Knights of Columbus – Baron DeKalb (3000 Emmons Avenue) for the event, organized by Bay Improvement Group.

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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.

A reader submitted photo from Halloween 2011.

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. Just leave the poisoned candy and razor-blade apples in the pantry.

This Halloween, as all Halloweens, we should take extra precautions to be safe. While it’s the biggest, bestest holiday for the kiddos, it’s also open season for creeps, pervs, thieves and vandals. Here are a few tips we’ve cobbled together to ensure you have a safe and happy Halloween.

  • Trick-or-treaters should always have adult supervision, even if they are traveling with a group of friends.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times; be familiar with the neighborhood you plan on visiting.
  • Avoid poorly-lit areas and homes of people you do not know.
  • Avoid displaying your valuables or electronic devices.
  • Thieves will use this holiday to hide behind a mask to commit crimes.
  • Do not use your cellphones when crossing streets.
  • Place emergency identification information discreetly inside clothing of small children, in case of accidental separation.
  • Halloween treats should only be consumed if they are packaged appropriately in their original, unopened packages. Avoid homemade or unpackaged treats.
  • Avoid hallways and deserted areas that are dimly lit.
  • Do not enter a stranger’s home or car.
  •  Walk on the sidewalk and not in the street.
  • Do not wear costumes that block your view.
  • Do not wear clothing or accessories that suggest that you are affiliated with a gang.
  • Carry flashlights and wear reflective clothing at night.
  • Explain to children of all ages the difference between tricks and vandalism which could be a criminal offense.

If you feel that you are in any kind of danger, look for houses of worship, stores or places of business where you can go in case of an emergency, and where you can access help and information. Try not to be alone at any time.

As usual, one more: if you’re the parent of a teenager in Gerritsen Beach, lock up the hammers and potatoes this year.

Photo by David Aranov

Photo by David Aranov

Photo by David Aranov

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photo via tsc nyc marathon

This Sunday, November 2 is the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon–and whether you’re planning to go out and cheer or steer clear of race-related traffic concerns altogether, there’s an extensive list of street closures you might want to get to know. Via the NYPD:

Beginning at midnight on Sunday, November 2, the upper level of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic. At approximately 7 a.m. rolling street closures will commence along the route in preparation for the marathon… Street closures and parking restrictions are expected to cause traffic delays. The use of public transportation is highly recommended.

Below are the Brooklyn roads being affected by closures (see full five borough list here):

  • Dahlgren Place between Verrazano Bridge and 92nd Street (North Bound)
  • 92nd Street between Dahlgren Place and 4th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue between 92nd Street and Flatbush Avenue
  • Flatbush Avenue between 4th Avenue and Lafayette Avenue
  • Brooklyn Queens Expressway (South-bound) between Verrazano Bridge and 79th Street
  • 7th Avenue between 79th Street and 75th Street / Bay Ridge Parkway
  • 7th Avenue between 74th Street and 75th Street
  • 74th Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue between 74th Street and 75th Street
  • Bay Ridge Parkway between 7th Avenue and 4th Avenue
  • 92nd Street between Gatling Place and Fort Hamilton Parkway
  • Fort Hamilton Parkway between 92nd Street and 94th Street
  • 94th Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and 4th Avenue (North-bound)
  • 4th Avenue between 94th Street and Flatbush Avenue (South-bound)
  • Bedford Avenue between Lafayette Avenue and Nassau Avenue
  • Nassau Avenue between Bedford Ave / Lorimer St and Manhattan Ave
  • Manhattan Avenue between Nassau Avenue and Greenpoint Avenue
  • Greenpoint Avenue between Manhattan Ave and McGuiness Boulevard
  • McGuiness Boulevard between Greenpoint Avenue and 48th Avenue
  • Pulaski Bridge (South-bound)

Police also note the security measures for this year’s event for both runners and spectators, including how to make the day easier on yourself:

Prior to taking their starting positions on Staten Island, runners will be screened and their bags inspected. The New York Road Runners has provided the participants with clear bags to expedite this process. Individuals who require event credentials and special access to secure areas, such as organizers, volunteers and other personnel, have been pre-screened in addition to the physical screening they will receive on Sunday.

Along the course, bags and backpacks may be subject to search. Bag checks and magnetometer screenings will be conducted in the area of the finish line. Spectators can help expedite, if not alleviate some of the security process, by leaving backpacks at home.

If you’re running in this year’s event, good luck!

Photo via TSC New York City Marathon


Galina Basova, left, and Roza Murdokhayeva, right. (Source: Be Proud Foundation)

Another year, another two talented beauties crowned Your Highness Grandmother.

The 12th year of the event took place October 19 at National Restaurant, where Roza Mordukhayeva, 80, was crowned Queen Grandmother and Galina Basova, 68, won the Grandmother title for the younger batch of beauts.

Murdokhayeva was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She worked as a nurse for more than 45 years, and adores children. Dancing and singing are her true passion, and Murdokhayeva has performed in the pageant, organized by the Be Proud Foundation, multiple times. She has four grandchildren, and one great grandson.

The other lovely lady, Basova, is from Russia. She’s seen her family grow tremendously stateside, and is now the proud grandmother of five. She studied communications at the institute of Leningrad, and has just one hobby: travel.

The event celebrates the lives of grandmothers across Southern Brooklyn. It’s a good-natured competition, based on dancing, singing, talents, costume design and more. It’s judged by a panel of those who love grandmothers best: grandfathers.

Congratulations to Basova and Mordukhayeva!